Your Time with Me – Your one-to-one consultation.

I am honored that you chose me and I want to make our time together to be of the utmost value to you. Your reading will focus on all that is important from spirit to you.

During your time with me we will focus on three key ingredients of delivery that are unique to my style of reading and in-depth delivery.

Valuation of loved ones passed
Your now and forward life deep dive

Mediumship – Your loved ones in spirit

I will validate your loved ones via evidence that is clear and precise. I will be sure to deliver to you throughout the one-hour consultation evidence of your loved ones in spirit that will assure to you the trust and confidence that they are always there with you in life and mind.


My approach to readings will assure you receive quality and clarity of sound and meaningful guidance from your loved ones in spirit that will help shape positive changes, celebrate championed events, and remind you of your importance to your own life.

Authentic guidance in a one-to-one reading will always offer opportunities to think into how to better, change and above all enjoy life.

Your now and forward life Strategy Portion of the Reading

Having trained extensively in life-strategy change, and psychic/intuitive life guidance, I have a unique approach to my readings that offer a deep dive unlike any previous experience you may have had.

We will reshape your negative outlooks into positive accountable changes. Assess your goals and align them into easy life opportunities that fit with your current measure of self-belief, this first shift will help to stabilize your current life goals.

We will then set new life goals that will uplift your self-belief and set in place long term life goals that are true to your nature. This approach to my readings assures you get the long-term results in your life that your loved one in spirit would celebrate for you and with you.