My spiritual journey has accelerated as I have experienced the beauty of Divine Spirit and how it has impacted my life. Friends, family and strangers have always been drawn to my energy. I hope I have brought comfort and support to those in need.

I grew up in a small community east of Nashville, Tennessee. I have had the opportunity to travel extensively inside the United States and the United Kingdom, but found that I did not want to live anywhere but Tennessee.

Embracing my spiritual path has taken me many years and many twist and turns. I have always had a deep interest in the Divine and spiritual practices. I seemed to know when certain things would happen before it actually happened. I always knew there was a divine being who was there for me. Someone to call on when I was hurting or having difficulties in life. However, my own feeling of unworthiness made me question why they would want to help me or care about my path in life. I figured they had a lot more important things to do and I wasn’t one of them. I never could understand why people liked me, much less, loved me. My self-worth was non-existent. In my mind, I was a terrible, broken person with nothing of value to give to anyone.I had experienced childhood trauma that I had not dealt with. I seemed to constantly punish myself with isolation and hopelessness.

On a Saturday morning in February 2022 after a reiki session the previous evening, for the first time in my life, I intensely felt the unconditional love of Divine spirit. Something I’d only glimpsed briefly in the past. I felt that I was here for a purpose, although I didn’t know exactly what it was at the time. After that, my spiritual awakening began in earnest. I attended a psychic workshop where I discovered the beginnings of my psychic abilities. I began getting messages from my spirit team during journaling sessions.

I read books, listened to podcasts and took every opportunity to find out more about various spiritual healing practices. I obtained my reiki master certification. Then, I was invited to take a mediumship workshop by a couple of very talented mediums, one of which I’d gone to in the past. At first, I was doing it only to expand my personal growth. I never thought of mediumship as a possible service I could provide for others. I wasn’t even sure I could do it at all! Surprisingly, to me at least, I found that not only was I capable of mediumship, but I also enjoyed it. During the workshop, I finally realized that this was what I’d been searching for. This is the path I need to follow. A way to give back to others who are looking for messages from their ones in spirit and hopefully provide life guidance and healing in their lives. Which in turn has led me to this point of offering my services to the world.